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segunda-feira, outubro 08, 2012

passa muito por aqui.

by: http://swaggernewyork.com/2012/10/08/whats-happening-on-facebook-is-not-real/

What’s Happening On Facebook Is Not Real…

So put your phone down when I’m talking to you. Thanks.
Now that I have your attention, I’d like to talk to you about an issue that I have with my friends, which happens to be the issue they have with me – lack of attention span.

Since college, the length of time I can actually look a friend in the eye has totally plummeted.

Like, I’ll be totally in sync with what my girl Rebecca has to say for three minutes and then

I have this sudden urge, or anxiety, to press the “refresh” button on my email, or on my Facebook page, or on my Twitter feed. I don’t know what it is, I guess I’m addicted to the red alerts, to the popping sound my Twitter feed makes when a new @ mention comes through.

It’s not that I’m disinterested in what my girl’s telling me, it’s just that I want (or somehow need) to hear what OTHER people are saying to me at the same time. I need to know what’s going across all aspects of my life at all times, at the sake of focusing on one or three, deeper issue(s).

Call it greed, or narcissism, stupidity, or just the new efficiency. Whatever it is, it can’t be good. And that’s not because Facebook is the devil, it’s just that it doesn’t do a good job of giving us a real, thorough, and genuine story.

In real life, with our friends, the stories we tell each other have an extended arc. There’s a tension, and that’s followed by a climax, a denouement and the final result or outcome. With Rebecca, one domino drops which leads to the next, which drops the next.

 It’s linear, it’s rational, there’s no stone left unturned.
 On Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram and on Tumblr, however, nothing is linear, it’s all very jumbled, and it’s all left to interpretation.
Is He WITH Britney Spears, or Is Britney Spears Just In The Photo? Did She Buy
That Givenchy Dress, Or Is She Just Trying It On In At A Store? We have no real answers, we just have a series of snapshots that don’t really say much, but somehow, they say everything.

So I go on believing that Britney’s new BFF is my cousin, that my enemy can afford Givenchy, and that I really really need a new gig. Meanwhile Rebecca continues to tell me about John’s run in with Britney Spears outside of a coffee shop, or Jane’s new gig at Givenchy, and I only follow the story in parts.

I deny myself a bond with my friend, and I also deny myself everything that makes a story great, which is what happens in between the climax and the result. So I guess what I’m saying – I’m all over the place, typical – is that the virtual world is fun, it’s exciting, it’s totally addictive, but it’s not REAL.

Swagger has 290,000 Fans but I only know 749 of them, so can I really have a relationship with ‘em in any real way? I, we, need to spend a little more time engaging those 749 people with the few hours we have.
Because life’s about friends, right? It’s not Facebook likes.

é um pequeno apontamento do que me apercebo, falta muito, mas penso que todos nós nos apercebemos. há muito mais. mas..a ideia passa por aqui.

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