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terça-feira, fevereiro 28, 2012

historiazinha... by GQ

Part 1: Fifty-one Deaths
A little before five o'clock on the evening of October 18, 2011, as the day began to ebb away, a retired schoolteacher named Sam Kopchak left the home he shared with his 84-year-old mother and headed into the paddock behind their house to attend to the horse he'd bought nine days earlier. Red, a half-Arabian pinto, was acting skittish and had moved toward the far corner of the field. On the other side of the flimsy fence separating them from his neighbor Terry Thompson's property, Kopchak noticed that Thompson's horses seemed even more agitated. They were circling, and in the center of their troubled orbit there was some kind of dark shape. Only when the shape broke out of the circle could Kopchak see that it was a black bear.

checkem esta mega historia

nota: se algum dia forem ao quintal, e virem um Leão lá deitado, finjam que ele não existe. e vão á vossa vida.

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Diogo Camilo disse...

Essa imagem ta brutal mesmo muito forte e ate porque sou lagarto XD


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